Drywall Corner Beads CB132-1

Product Name:PVC Corner Bead (CB132-1)
Product Size: 32 x 32mm
Material:Pure and Virgin PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)
Length:8ft / 10ft / Customized
Weight: 88g/m
Package:100 pcs/carton, customized


SMALLBOSS vinyl corner beads are the perfect choice for durability, since they never dent, rust, or mold. Our beads don’t scuff or blister, and they absorb extreme impact making them tougher than other products on the market. they’re the perfect size and shape you need, unnecessary waste on the jobsite from scrap bead material is eliminated..
 PVC Corner Bead
"Small boss" PVC Corner Bead, with its excellent product performance, by the ministry of construction building decoration association as domestic PVC building corner protector industry the only recommended brand, the market prospect is wide.
Brief introduction:
PVC accessories for stucco ,plaster and modified stucco systems were developed by TONGXIANG SMALL BOSS SPECIAL PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. Their purpose is to provide architects and contractors with a rust-free,damage resistant. Economical alternative to galvanized and aluminum accessories. These products are manufactured with high-impact resistant, lead free PVC and confirm to the building materials standards of European, American, Australian and others.
Inside and outside the room the corner of a wall protection strip specially the building material which "the positive angle" the construction designs for the architectural engineering in, is one kind new uses in inside and outside the protection room the corner of a wall molding, can guarantee the corner of a wall direct-viewing felt, speeds up the construction speed and to be reliable.
 Product Description
PVC accessories for stucco,plaster and modifled stucco systems were developed by TONGXIANG SMALL BOSS SPECIAL PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO.Their purpose is to provide architects and contractors with a rust-free,damage resistant and contractors with a rust-free,damage resistant.economical alternative to galvanized and aluminum accessories These products are manufactured with high-impact resistant,lead free PVC and conform to The building materials standards of European,American,Australian and others.
 Basic Use
These accessorises can be applied to metal lath.masonry,wood base sheathing products. gypsum Sheathing,cement sheathing products. Block and any ohter approved substrate they are designed to control expansion and contraction,trim,and protect the stucco in addition PVC products will solve problems relating to static electricity, electrolysis.rust.oxidation, excessive dents or kinks and damage in transit or on the job site.
Installation should be in accordance with accepted industry standards and local buliding codes.Remember to caulk all butt joints,intersections and ends.
 Weather Resistance
Ultraviolet Sunlight:Plasticizers and similar chemicals which can migrate to the surface are not presnt in the PVC formulas used in the manufacturing of Small Boss products covered in this section.
 Company introduction
Small Boss was established in 1992, one of China’s leading manufacturers specialized in plastic products, has gr adually developed from a small factory into a large production innovation-oriented business owning three factories, with its plants spreading out 24,000 m2 and workshops over 39,000 m2.
Over the past 28 years,Small Boss has established good ralations with the laboratories of well-know Universitys. With its technicians accounting to 30% of more than 300 employees, Small Boss has China's most prfessional plastic formula and a team engaged in the innovation and R&D of extrusion profiles.
 Our Laboratory
The Company has set out a process for development of new products with the technical research and development at its core,including the research and development of compound formulas, inspection of Laboratory materials.development of moulds,transformation and innovation of Quality Assurance System ISO 9001 whether in the core technolongy of raw meamwork among all departments to furnish customers the most professional and considerate services.
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